About Us

Our Team

Birana Ethiopia Tours is established by two experienced tour guides who have long experience of guiding in Ethiopia. Our staff members are experienced guides, drivers, cooks and agents who we know very well and recruited in our guiding experiences.

We have decided to establish this company to share the knowledge and experience we acquired through all these years to our clients, to give the best service and to transmit the culture and history of this amazing country. Those travelers who choose Ethiopia for their vacation with Birana Ethiopia Tours, you will be in good hand.

I would like to introduce you the Birana Ethiopia Tours managing team.

Miriam Gómez, 34
Operations Manager of Birana Ethiopia Tours and guide in Ethiopia.

I am Miriam; I have been leading groups in Ethiopia for the last 4 years where I met Endalk as Ethiopian guide. Currently I live in Addis Ababa. Thus, you can ask me everything you need to know about Ethiopia, trip advices, questions or doubts without hesitation. I am glad to share all my knowledge about Ethiopia with any interested traveler who requires it.

My contact details:
Tel: +251- 926 83 10 95
e-mail: Miriam@biranatours.com
Mi blog: www.biranaethiopiatoursblog.wordpress.com
Skype: birana.ethiopia.tours

Endalk Teshome,     38
General Manager of Birana Ethiopia Tours and guide in Ethiopia.
I am Endalk, Ethiopian, working in Ethiopian tourism for eleven years with office and field experience. I studied History at the university and Tour Guiding at the only state owned and the biggest Tourism and Catering Institute of the country. After eleven years guiding groups through the country, I have acquired a solid experience and established a smooth relation with people in every tour site, which eases my job and makes it enjoyable for me and therefore, for my groups.

My contact details:
Tel: +251 - 911 67 07 20
e-mail: Endalk@biranatours.com


Our philosophy

Our motto is to be Genuine, Friendly, and Responsible.
But it´s not just a motto, it is an attitude towards our job, our clients and our country Ethiopia.

Why we are better?

1. Reduced price without reduced quality:
Birana Ethiopia Tours is located in Addis Ababa. We are a local Tour Operator and hence, our costs are at local level. For us, living from what we love is enough.

If we have low expenses, you pay less for your trip. If we save money, you save money too.

2. We are with you before, during and after your trip:
Miriam is Spanish, Endalk is Ethiopian and we both live in Addis Ababa. Starting from welcoming you personally and talk about your trip to putting the final touches before your departure, we do it face-to-face. That allows us to offer trip maps, trip advices, telephone and technical assistance. Because we are travelers too.

3. Benefits are shared among the team members:
“If I succeed, you succeed” is the principle we follow. This is applicable not only to travelers but also to our team members. We love this country and its people. If our aim is to offer a service of great quality and unforgettable experience to our clients from abroad, our duty is to share the income with these who work hard hand in hand with us to make each trip come true.

Hence, not only the travelers get advantage of our set of mind and attitude, but also our team.

4. No limit in group size, no fixed prices, no fixed dates:
The principle of freedom drove us to initiate this project. A great advantage of our service is that you can add or eliminate options, decide yourself for cheap or expensive hotels, include full board or half board or not, etc. The final price of your trip will be adapted to your needs.

Come alone or with friends, come when you like and as you like. You are always welcome.