Are you a Travel Agency?

Both Miriam and Endalk, both guides in Ethiopia for several years, we have experienced firsthand the wonders and difficulties of the country and we know how to handle them. We have traveled the country from end to end, know the strengths and weaknesses of the places to visit, and we have a solution for every situation.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the country and the conscience of a job well done, as Travel Agency you have fully guaranteed the success of your trip.

We know your priorities:

Teaming up with freedom of choice of all services at all destinations.

Personal Assistance to all groups of travellers in any language: english, german, spanish, italian, french.

More fluid and direct communication between us because we belong to the same culture.

Security and peace because we know the needs of tourism and move around their needs.

Save time and effort relying on our professionalism and quality.

Keep good and honest relationship with the Travel Company for the present and the future.

Special prices for Travel Companies

We compromise your standards about itineraries, accommodation, vehicles, etc

Let's talk. You will see how different we are.

The Birana Ethiopia Tours’ Team.

Your best company to travel to Ethiopia.