Why Us?

Nowadays there are different ways to travel: by your own, in organized group, with friends, etc. It is not difficult to search for hotels or excursions and book them through the internet, which is said to be much cheaper. However, the harsh reality shows very different. Traveling to countries like Ethiopia implies to face very different situations from what you are use to in your country of origin. How often hotel rooms have been booked through the internet but at the reception of your arrival nobody knows about your reservation and know you may understand why nobody picked you up at the airport. The taxi driver made a city tour without asking you just to justify the inflated price of the journey, not mentioning the cost of the call from your mobile to the hotel without any result.

Forget about all these inconveniences, Birana Ethiopia Tours will take care of everything.

On the other end, traveling to the southern Ethiopia implies to face up to isolated places, difficult roads, long travel distances, language incomprehension, lack of police assistance and a long etcetera. So, if you are unaware of such challenges it is hard to preview all the necessary precautions you must take. For these reasons, for your well being, your security and the fully enjoyment of your trip it is of huge importance the assistance of drivers not only experienced in driving, but also in mechanical aspects, as well as the assistance of committed guides as translators and advisers to help you whenever it is necessary. Do not forget that in some places you may expected to pay unnecessary expenses. So having human support from the guide when it comes to bargain will help to avoid being cheated.

In addition, in the event of car breakdown, hotel room changes or any other unforeseen circumstances, nothing will come out from your pocket. Birana Ethiopia Tours will deal with everything.

As you can see, choosing us means for you not to worry about anything and dedicate yourself to fully enjoy your vacation.