Tours Ethiopia                                                    

Historic North by Road       13 days                                                                                                    History, Culture, Nature and Peoples     

This combination of the historical north with the Simien Mountains and the Tigray region offers the chance to meet the cultural and monumental legacy of Ethiopia and at the same time to go deep into the most spectacular nature. We will visit the impressive Blue Nile Falls and the mysterious isolated island monasteries of Lake Tana in Bahir Dar. Gonder will open us the doors of its medieval castles. Lalibela will reveal the secrets kept in its labyrinth of secret passages. We will follow in the footsteps of the ancient legend which says that is in Axum, the capital of Christianity, where the true Ark of the Covenant is kept...
Culture and adventure go hand in hand in Ethiopia.


Historic North by air and road       12 days                                                                                            History, Culture, Nature and Peoples     

Historic monuments of great antiquity, authentic and free nature, friendly people, colorful markets, etc. Northern Ethiopia is the part that keeps the oldest cultural heritage of the country and is testimony to the great civilization that once was the empire of Abyssinia. A part of the most emblematic monumental cities of the country, such as Lalibela, Gonder, Bahir Dar or Axum, we will enter the territory of Tigray to find its mysterious cave churches carved into the rock at high altitudes, places of worship which still possess liturgical objects of great antiquity and beautiful painting frescos. Landscapes at bird's eye view will bring us closer to their faith....


Historic North, Great Rift Valley Lakes and Omo Valley Tribes      21 days      History, Culture, Wild Nature and Tribes     

This trip in Ethiopia is one of the most complete of our catalog. On the one hand we will travel the north to know the historic towns of Ethiopia with its vast cultural heritage and monuments like the churches of Lalibela, the castles of Gonder or the monasteries of Lake Tana. After this cultural immersion we will turn our face towards the south, where we will meet many ethnic groups, the Omo Valley tribes and peoples so different from each other that will provide an unforgettable social and human taste to your trip. In addition, we will be accompanied by the pure and wild nature of the Rift Valley with its lakes populated by crocodiles, hippos and hundreds of wild birds. Get ready for an incredible journey to diversity....


Great Rift Valley Lakes and Omo Valley Tribes       13 days                                                Culture, Wild Nature and Tribes     

This trip to the Rift and Omo Valleys is a trip designed for lovers of nature and ethnology. We will be constantly accompanied by the fascinating wild landscapes of southern Ethiopia: savannah, jungle, rainforests, coffee plantations ... inhabited by numerous peoples, ethnicities and tribal clans with ancestral ways of life. We will sail Lake Chamo to spot its wild animals and to culminate this wild route, we will climb to the Bale Mountains to meet with endemic animals such as the Abyssinian Wolf or the Mountain Nyala.
Nature lovers will see a dream come true...


Great Rift Valley Lakes and Omo Valley Tribes with extension to Surma            16 days      Culture, Wild Nature and Tribes 

This tour in Ethiopia has added value because we will cross the entire Omo Valley to meet its most ancient inhabitants, the tribes which are scattered along the river, until we meet a tribe of difficult access, the Surma. This tribe of Nilotic origin is known for the Donga fight between men to determine who the best fighter is, and for the peculiar way that women pierce their lower lip with decorated clay dishes up to 20cm in diameter. Not only we will meet one of the most enigmatic clans of Ethiopia, but we will camp in their village and spend the day with them, an experience that you will remember for life.


Great Rift Valley Lakes and Omo Valley Tribes with extension to Harar  16 days      Wild Nature, Tribes and Monumental Legacy     

This trip in Ethiopia combines several natural beauties: the Rift Valley lakes full of wildlife, tropical landscapes full of coffee plantations, the vastness of the savannah in the Omo Valley, high mountain peaks of Bale Mountains, etc. In addition, we will visit the walled city of Harar, the most important Muslim enclave of East Africa during the last 1000 years and well known throughout the country for its busy and colorful markets, its historic center of Arab origin, its famous great chat market and, of course, the man who feeds the hyenas every night outside the city walls... Get ready for this exciting cultural immersion.


Tigray Rock Hewn Churches and Danakil Depression      12 days                            Culture, Wild Nature and Adventure     

Are you one of those who prefer to discover the most bizarre and out of this planet?                  
Have you ever been to-100m under sea level?
Have you ever seen an active volcano roaring at your feet under the starry sky of the desert?                                                                                                                    
Then you cannot miss this Martian experience…